How to grow your SEO page views by 5,000% using Clearscope

After learning about Clearscope in a previous interview, I decided to dive deep on how a successful SEO agency leverages the tool for growth.

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Jul 28, 2022
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During my previous interview with Meltem Kuran Berkowitz, Head of Growth at Deel, she mentioned a tool called Clearscope – an AI-powered platform that turns any writer into an SEO expert. The tool intrigued me, so I decided to seek out someone to do a whole piece featuring the tool for growth.
This is NOT a sponsorship or paid promotion, and I’m not even a current customer of Clearscope.

What does Clara do?

Clara is a content-led SEO agency for small to medium B2C brands. They work with a lot of health and wellness, finance and e-commerce clients. Everything is B2C, and both starts and ends with content. Clara handles the strategy and a few of the technical audits, but 95% of what they do is strategy and long form content.
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👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Target Audiences

Fairly industry agnostic at this point. B2C is only focus.

📝 How build an SEO engine using Clearscope

1. Start with Strategy

Create a content calendar with keywords, categories, the funnel position, brief document and process.
Sample content calendar from Clara
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Start with a list of topics (i.e. keywords) that you want to write content around. People generally want different things around one topic. Ask, “what are the things your actual customers are searching for around a certain topic or category?” Rebekah uses ahrefs to do keywords research. You can create a custom script that pulls all needed information into Google Sheets (an example of that here).
Customers want to know a lot of things about a topic and Google gets this. The more you can cover those big things, the better. When you dig deeper, there are a BUNCH of keyword variants that rank for the same article. In fact, most of the first page of Google overlaps with many different terms. So they have a “primary” keyword and then “variants”. Do a big data dump on all the keywords with info for each of the new topics.

2. Create an outline brief

Creating the Outline is where Clearscope first comes in. You’ll want to start an outline Google Document that will eventually become the writing brief. It’s recommended to use a Google Doc, as Clearscope has an integration that allows you to do everything right in the document.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Create a report in Clearscope for your single, primary keyword
  1. Link to the Clearscope report in the content Google Doc
  1. Start researching the “people also ask” questions and themes to put into the doc
  1. Clearscope then uses AI to take content structures from competitors on the term to show you what you need to use in order to beat them
    1. It will open the top 10 articles to see what they are doing and how to make it better
Now you have a fresh content outline!

3. Writing content off the brief

There is now a document that acts as a brief they can start writing the article off of.
Sample content brief from Clara
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The Clearscope Google Doc add-on will highlight keywords as you use them, and sort by unused ones. It doesn’t just add variations of the same keyword, it gives meaningful overlap words of what people are also searching for:
  • It takes the “People also ask” questions and makes a checklist so your writers know to ask and answer those questions (something a lot of writers miss).
After you write your content, Clearscope will give you an SEO grade, and tell you exactly how to improve it. In this way, Clearscope not only tells you what content would be valuable to create, but allows the writer on producing great content so they don’t have to worry about the technical details of SEO. With the tool, all you need is a good writer!
Clearscope is rapidly adding functionality. They really listen to their power users and are rapidly improving the product. There is a new Content Inventory Tool that tracks pages on the website that have been created. Over time, Clearscope will update you if the SEO quality goes down.

📈 What traffic results has Clearscope generated for Clara?

To take a recent client as an example, Clara worked on a company blog that already had 40 content pieces up was getting around 4k page views a month, and 100 purchases. Using Clearscope, the conversions jumped to 7k (a 6,900% increase), and grew from 4k to 200k page views a month (a 4,900% increase)!
This was all done ranking on blogs. It’s important to emphasize this was not even a new blog – it had 40 content pieces already!
It’s also worth noting that Clara doesn’t build backlinks 🤯

💡 Advice for someone trying to build something similar?

  1. Strategy is the hardest part. Instead of just picking topics each month, they schedule out a year of content. Google wants to see you have specific expertise in an area, so when you demonstrate that, Google will reward you.
  1. → 75% of what goes into a single page getting traffic has to do with JUST that page and has nothing to do with anything else on the site. So while other components (like internal linking) are important, most of the work goes into the page.

To learn more about Clara, check out their Website!

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